Resources for Current Participants

SFL Broadband users may use the documents below to find out more information and stay up to date on this loan program from The Source for Learning. The FAQ pages provide general guidance on many issues, and the equipment resources address specific aspects of using your device to its full potential. These are posted with the most recent first.

Participant Responsibilities

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SFL Broadband FAQs

Setup Instructions:

Set-Up Instructions - Netgear Zing Hotspot (Model #771S)

Set-Up Instructions - Netgear USB(Model #341U)

•  Set-Up Instructions - Novatel MiFi Hotspot

Set-Up Instructions - Pocket WiFi

Set-Up Instructions - ZTE Warp Connect

User Guides

User Guide - Netgear Zing Hotspot (Model #771S)

User Guide - Novatel MiFi Hotspot

User Guide - Pocket WiFi

User Guide - Netgear USB (Model #341U)

User Guide - ZTE Warp Connect

Troubleshooting Tips

Troubleshooting Tips - Netgear Zing Hotspot (Model #771S)

Troubleshooting Tips - Novatel MiFi Hotspot

Troubleshooting tips - Pocket WiFi

Toubleshooting tips - ZTE Warp Connect



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